Providing A Meeting Place
For The People Of Port Elphinstone,
 Inverurie And The Wider Community

Welcome to Port Elphinstone Community House

Welcome to the Port Elphinstone Community House website.  I hope you enjoy your visit! You may find that some areas are ‘still under construction’ in terms of populating with information, but I hope you find what is here to be helpful. This website provides key information on our work and highlights the achievements of our users. If there is any information you cannot find through our website, please contact us and we will be very happy to help. We look forward to working in partnership with you and hope you find your visit to our website useful. Port Elphinstone Community House (PECH) was established in 2003 in partnership with Langstane Housing Association Ltd to provide an affordable meeting place for the residents of Port Elphinstone and the wider Inverurie community.  PECH provides a facility that supports the education, social inclusion, health and well being of local people.  

The Community House is maintained to a high standard and provides a meeting space for up to 20 people in our bright and airy main meeting room area. This room is also equipped with a fully fitted kitchen and PECH is fully adapted for wheelchair use. Room 2 is a much smaller room which provides a meeting space for up to around 8 people.

The community house can be found at 1 Pinewood House, Elphinstone Road, Port Elphinstone, Inverurie. See the map below for more details.  

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The community house can be found at the rear of Pinewood House (pictured above).